Polynesia, the dream.

In the collective imagination Polynesia means dream.

It is.

Are the 21 of April 12, Ash Wednesday.

I came here to Huahine with a very short flight from Tahiti.

At 18, 30 the Sun had already set.

I get to take in a tiny airport, which to me seems as large as my home

and accompany me in a campground in small island.

Because the island of Huahine actually consists of 2 islands connected by a bridge. Huahine is the name of the female sex, because its shape would remember: who would ever call an island vagina? I think these Polynesians were light years ahead of us, when we got here to civilize them!

I see nothing on the island because it's dark like it was midnight, and I'm sleepy as if it were midnight.

I'm in this camp in total darkness I can hear menacing of the sea in the distance.

It's like I'm back at least 40 years, when with my family we used to spend the holidays in a tent in thick in the campground.

I'm going to place some pictures of Atacama, and suddenly I see turn on a light, is the Moon!

It is huge, the sea!

The boundaries are defined and the campsite is not so bad, even a cat is to keep me company

I realize only now that the cabin is almost on the water.

I armo courage and delve on the beach under palm trees, I see that the waves will refract off while here to shore is all placid, I imagine there is a coral reef, tomorrow I will look into it

I'm alone on this white beach at night and also overcome fear (I'm ready for the island's famous now!).

Sleep has gone completely, you can't sleep when you have this show.

I see a shooting star, or maybe it's just a moth who believes himself a star under the full moon.

I express a wish: May this journey never end.

Yes, Polynesia is the dream.